Case# 1: L.P. Scars & Wounds
This patient is a 65 year-old female.

Seen nine days after an accident when she was knocked down by a bicycle. There was a 2.5 cm laceration into the subcutaneous tissue, in the left supraorbital region extending inferiorly to the lateral orbital area. She was treated with the Infrared laser for 5.5 minutes for six separate sessions spaced three days apart. The result was this very visible wound is no longer there. This helps to demonstrate the early healing ability of this 100% “Natural Energy medicine.” The TML made it possible for her to renew her professional and social life, without what she said, was otherwise an extensive make-up session. Her self-confidence has returned and she strongly endorses our laser treatments.

Case #2: E.K. Pain & Scars
This patient is a 54 year old female

She came to us seeking help and relief from painful and esthetic surgical complications that occurred four years prior. At that time, she developed infections after a plastic surgery neck liposuction and a “controlled” chemical peel. These infections caused numerous problems including neck muscle spasm, heavy hyper-pigmentation and muscle scarring. Mose specifically, the vertical scar bands were so tight that she could barely lift her head to eye level. There were also numerous flat, white areas as well as lumpy red areas from the chemical burn. In essence, severe neck muscle contractures and banding. All traditional methods and medications to treat these issues were not successful.
   Her first session with the Infrared laser was 8 minutes, scanning the entire neck from the clavicle (collar bone) up to the platysma neck muscle origin on the lower mandibular border on each side, for a total of 16 minutes. She had eight therapy sessions separated by three days.
   After session one was complete, she did notice a mild decrease in the pulling muscle spasm. This continued to help her. The scarring slowly began to decrease. Of great interest, the scars began to flatten out which was more aesthetically pleasing.  
  At this time, her neck is fully supple and mobile without any limitation of movement. The majority of scar bands are gone while the few remaining are barely visible. After many years of physical and emotional challenges, she is back to her vivacious and active lifestyle.

Case #3: A.B. Pain
This patient is a 28 year old male

He was referred to us due to a 2 year debilitating condition of chronic continuous pain in his right face and jaw joint (TMJ). He previously had been an active young man with a full-time productive career. Within a short period of time, he began to experience increasing pain from his right Temporo-Mandibular Joint and the attached muscles, especially the large Masseter muscle on the side of his face.
   The muscle had developed such a tight spasm and his joint so painful, that he could barely open his mouth to eat, hence a liquid and soft diet only. It was painful to talk and even was painful to just walk around his house. He had to quit his job, and began a career at home that required sitting still.

   His therapy was with the  Infrared laser consisted of six sessions, three days apart, for 8 minutes, time enough to slowly scan the TMJ and surrounding tissues, and the entire extent of the Masseter muscle to the mandibular border. After the very first session, he began to have pain relief and was able to open his mouth. As his therapy progressed, he ultimately had elimination of pain  and full movement of his jaw. It was most rewarding to see his smile grow after each visit.


More studies are available on request